Baby’s First Photo: Seattle Children Photographer

“A baby is like a bit of heaven on Earth,”

-Author Unknown-

When I was asked by an old school friend recently to photograph her brand new nephew, I had images of sleeping little bundles of joy wrapped in cozy scarves  swirling in my head. In my imagination, there would be a large, picture window with golden light streaming in, gently kissing the newborn’s sweet head. But of course, the reality is I am in Seattle and the weather rarely ever co-operate…As much as I hoped for sunshine, it just didn’t happen.  And remember the sleeping baby part?  That didn’t happen either.  Meet the sweetest and most alert two-day-old I’ve ever had the honor the photograph:


And even though I didn’t get that image of beautiful sunlight kissing the baby’s head, this image is a thousand times better:


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